Mother's Day || @ Nosh

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Our Mother's Day Brunch at Nosh & House @ Dempsey.
+ Plus brutally honest food reviews coming right up.

We celebrated a belated Mother's day because sissy was busy with her assignments. Mum likes brunches so we brought her Greenhouse @ Nosh
My photos don't justify how pretty the place but it's currently one of my top places in Singapore to hold a wedding (haha). It's the perfect mix of greenery, scenery and rustic feels. Imagine a treehouse perched on top of a hill; yes, it's that pretty. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be at night! 
However, to be greatly honest though, the food there was plain horrendous. One 10cm x 5.5cm worth of beef short rib cost us $32. Mind you, I can buy a piece of clothing for $32 and it won't make me gain the fats that short rib loaded on me. It wasn't even enough to fill our stomachs please. Truffle fries are a given; if you can't make proper truffle fries, just don't put it in your menu. Their butter milk pancakes were literally.. just... pancakes.... with a slab of... butter. *Face palm* - no shit sherlock - You could've at least pan seared it with a tad bit more butter and milk to justify the Butter in Butter milk Pancakes. We also had Cookie Milk Latte, which we thought "wow, it sounds so interesting! maybe they'll put Specaloos Cookie Butter in it. or serve it with a cookie on the top!" NOPE, yet again, the disappointment continued. All in all, I would give the food 3/10.
We dropped by House @ Dempsey after that because we wanted desserts and tea. WELL. What gives with all these brunch and dessert places disappointing us? It was bad. It was a waste of my stomach space. I do not appreciate people wasting my calories. Would not recommend House @ Dempsey too. Apart from the ambience and it's really pretty toilet, don't bother going.